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A Letter From Pastor Wicklife of Christ Care Ministries in Kenya, Africa



We continue to be thankful of the love, care and generosity you have shown towards the poor (orphans and widows) and needy in this community. We specifically want to appreciate any and each of you that have continually sacrificed his or her time to pray and give financial towards the very basic needs of the orphans and widows here.

Once again, I would love to humbly raise the volume of the voice of the needy here, so that all of us may be able hear it and be able to pray for them, advice us and or give financially towards them. Below are some of our urgent prayer requests that I would love to share with you as this season of 2014 comes to an end.

We are heading to the long December holidays that start this November 2014; all our orphans both in college, boarding and day high school, primary school and kindergarten are going to be with us here. The need for food for all of our orphans during these two months is immense. Please this stands out as the immediate and urgent need.

Secondly, Clothing and shoes: Our orphans have neither clothes nor shoes, the last clothe donation we received was more than two years ago, from a well wisher. Most of clothes we received then are all torn and no longer clothes but pieces of the same. All of us can see that from our current pictures on our facebook or website pages. I will love to encourage all of us to donate some old, used or new clothes and or shoes so that the orphans here can have something to put on this coming festive season.

Third, the ministry of education just assessed our school for the third time this month on 29th October 2014. They are very impressed with our efforts to improve on the structures (classes) and staffing of our orphans academy. However, they are asking us to build or start building three more classes on or before 01.12.2014. They want the classes to be ready and usable before the next term starts. This need is quite urgent and needed. You can write me back for more information.

Fourth, please help us raise extra funds to pay our teachers wages in the orphans academy. These brothers and sisters in Christ have accepted to help give the orphans here, hope and encouragement that all of us may not be able to give. We also pay them very little if I compare it with, what they would receive if they joined other schools in the same capacity.

Fifth, We are trusting God to be able to run a one month youth evangelism program that will run for the whole of December 2014 and we are targeting over 3000 youths from this community. We seek to give the idle youth in this community something to do this coming festive season, so that we can reduce the high prevalence of HIV- Aids in this community among the youth which stands at 1:5. We also seek to rehabilitate more drug addicts and drunkards this festive season.

Sixth, one of our teachers in the orphans’ academy was gunned down while taking exams to parts of central Rift Valley. With our permission, his services had been hired by the national examination council for a month to help in distribution and supervision of national exams. We will appreciate very much your prayers and help in settling the funeral and other costs. He lives behind his wife and a two months old daughter.

Finally, pray also for the following needs: beds, beddings and stationeries for our orphans. Bibles for our youth evangelism program in December 2014, we need two dormitories for the orphanage and workers wages for three orphanage workers.
We are glad you are willing to pray and help us uplift the lives of the weak ones here. Pray advice and communicate back to us.

May you all be blessed.

In Christ’s Vine Yard,

Mr. and Mrs. Wicklife