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Dear Supporters of Christ Care Ministries International (CCMI),

First of all, thank you to everyone who was able to attend the lunch the past Sunday, July​ 20th, to learn more about CCMI and the current needs of the orphanage and the academy. Another huge thanks to all who have committed to praying for this ministry and to all who gave so generously. I am so thrilled and humbled at how God is using you to be His hands and feet to others in this world. Would you please continue to pray and consider committing to sponsoring a child monthly?

I thought I would take this opportunity to answer a few questions that were asked during the luncheon as well as share some basic information for those who were unable to attend. I will put short titles below so you can pick and choose what you would like to read.

Website Under Construction
A new website has been built! Check it out at christcarekenya.org. It is still under construction, so we welcome your advice and suggestions! If you have any skills or expertise in this area of website design, hosting, etc, please email me at winslowkatelyn@gmail.com. I would love and appreciate any help or input you have to offer.

Where is Migori, Kenya?
Western Kenya, not far from Lake Victoria. Check out our contact us page where you can view a google map of where CCMI is located: christcarekenya.org/contactus


Where is the land that the Children’s Home hopes to purchase for food sustainability in terms of their current location?
They hope to purchase land from a neighbor that would be our equivalent of “down the street.” The land is located behind the church and academy.

Who is Wicklife and how was CCMI founded?
Here are some pictures of Wicklife and his family! Read about his story at christcarekenya.org/ourstory












What are the different ministries of CCMI?
Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Center (the orphanage), Christ Care Academy, Sports Ministry, Care Ministry, Widow Ministry, Bible Seminary – read more about these on the website under the “Our Projects” tab at christcarekenya.org 

Right now the greatest needs are of the Children’s Home and Christ Care Academy.

What kind of spiritual training do the orphans receive in the Children’s Home?
Wicklife says, “We give our orphans spiritual care and training all their lives in the centre. We have devotions in the centre every evening in which we outline a Bible lesson for them each day. We also guide them in their day to day lives.” Are there Bible classes taught at Christ Care Academy?

Wicklife says, “We teach the government curriculum which includes CRE lessons in which we teach them Bible lessons. We also have devotion sessions for different classes for all the kids in the school.”

What are the solar systems, and why do they need repair?
Wicklife says, “The solar systems need repairs because we need them to have light in the centre. There is no electricity in our community, so the solar system can help our kids have better and healthy lighting system for the night and as they do their homework at night…we truly need the solar system working…We currently use tin lamps which are very unhealthy and the paraffin used in the same is also very expensive.” Is your church affiliated with any other church or denomination?

Wicklife says, “Our church is Christ Care Ministries/Christ Care Community Church…it is not affiliated to any church…it is a church i and my wife founded in 2003..with an aim of leading many in this community to Christ…most members of this community were traditionalist and non-christian then…our church is an indigenous church with no links to any other church….in our evangelism activities we have only been able to plant a few more.”

Until we finalize online donations, you can make checks out to Bridges Community Church with CCMI in the memo if you would like to give. Thank you!!

Get Connected! Ask questions.
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Asante sana (Thank you so much),
Katelyn Winslow