Missions Moment – Naples, Italy

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Douglas and Dee Valenzuela

Buon giorno to you all from soggy Napoli

So here we are in leap year, not only do I have to really get Dee a present since I’ve saved up for the past 3 years, but we’d love to leap forward and get the final payments out of the way so we can really push towards the goal of a total all-out ministry in the tough area of SCAMPIA-MELITO. I know that many of you have given again and again and have demonstrated amazing generosity towards this ministry.

So, with appreciation and trust, I’m going to ask one more time. The timing couldn’t be better…the euro-dollar rate is much to our favor. The church is united and with great sacrifice is doing all it can to make the monthly payments, but we simply cannot cover

the remaining $100.000.00 without your help.

I’m sure you’ve kept up with the progress of our church through our web page:


This will give you clear directions as to how to send in your gift.

And in closing….can you believe just how fast I am?  Look at that photo!!!  See how fast I photo-shopped  my slow face in a fast man’s body?

ciao for now,