Missions Moment – North Africa

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Things we are thankful for:

God has increased our family with another son-in-law, which now fills our quiver of 6: three daughters and three sons-in-law. We feel blessed.

We have gone through a job adjustment, which increased our area of responsibility, and have finished our travels to visit all our associates in the Middle East and North Africa. What a great group of folks we serve and are blessed by their commitment and service in each of their lands.

Thankful for the landlords that we’ve lived with. Their kindness to receive us as family and the opportunity it allows us to demonstrate lives that live for the one true Savior. We pray that they will be drawn to ask questions that seek after Him.  We are blessed to live in this land amongst those we desire to see Jesus.

Abundantly blessed and thankful for your our prayer partners and supporters in the work that we do. We couldn’t continue to press on without your covering us in prayer for strength and wisdom. Thank you each one.

Grateful for the blessing of our families’ heritage of faith and service. Seeing the third and fourth generations living for the Lord and following His will for their lives. A parent’s crown of blessing. Thank you Lord.

We would like to thank each of you for your faithful service in prayer for us.