Missions Moment – Oregon

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Matt and Susi Lundquist, Campus Ambassadors

Susi and I were at a downtown restaurant on Valentine’s Day.  A young woman came up and introduced herself:

“You might not remember me, I know you have worked with a lot of students over the years . . .
But I was a student about 10 years ago and I took your class on How to Read the Bible.”
“Oh yeah, I remember you.  Weren’t you a friend of  . . .”
“Yes, and, well, I just wanted you to know that I still have the book.
. . . and of all the things I learned in college, I think that class was one of the most valuable.
I am able to apply what I learned from you whenever I study God’s word!”

Now this was a huge encouragement, as it always is when I come across an alum who tells me how valuable campus ministry was to them.
But there was a timeliness to this encounter.
First of all, I was really in need of encouragement.  We all have times when we’re “pushing through” to remain faithful to the task at hand.
Then also, I have just this Winter Quarter re-introduced the class after a few years of not teaching it.
We use a book on hermeneutics called “How to Read the Bible for All its Worth.”
Hermeneutics is learning how to interpret and apply the Scriptures using sound principles.

I set up the class for noon on Thursdays and then discovered there were some who couldn’t make it.
So I added another class right after that, at 1 p.m.
Last week I had 5 students in each class.
We’re doing a chapter a week, learning how to study Epistles, Narratives, Acts, the Gospels, Parables, etc.

I was also asked recently to do an on-line Google chat with some co-workers to provide a short course on Hermeneutics.
We looked at Questions like:
What does it mean to take the Bible literally?
What is the Christian’s relationship to the Old Testament?
How is the Bible like the person of Christ?

It was fun to make the presentation and I got some good feedback.
So getting some positive feedback from a student ten years later was pretty special.
I was encouraged to keep training students in “How to Read the Bible” and affirmed in the value of this training.

Thanks for your prayers and support.  Remember us as we head for Mexico on Spring Break.
We’ll be taking 33 people to build 2 houses for families in need.
Pray for our fund-raising efforts, for traveling mercies and for great fellowship with the team!