Missions Moment – Pacific Rim

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Marty and Denise Shaw – WorldVenture

Our trip to Asia was very profitable. Thank you for your prayers. Denise did the best she has ever done on a winding mountain road. She was still feeling decent after 4 hours of some of the windiest mountain roads we have been on.

We didn’t head back to Asia to enjoy windy roads. We traveled to four different countries with multiple meetings. There were at least 7 different meetings focused on potential new partnerships that could help us take the Gospel into new and challenging areas. There are multiple steps to exploring new work with unengaged and unreached people groups. We came away from this time recognizing the challenge of entering these new areas and at the same time the great need to bring the Gospel into these kinds of areas. Keep praying that doors would continue to open.

When we were in Asia we were looking to engage the unengaged and unreached. Over the last 10 years new areas were opened up, people were placed in new areas. It takes a lot of people to see this happen, but it is God who loves those people and enables us. Now we are not looking at just Asia, but the unengaged and unreached of the world. We still desperately need your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests

1. Next week we will be on the east coast to meet with two groups whose specialty is discipleship. We are working with one of the groups to translate their materials into a major language group. Pray that these meetings will go well.
2. We need wisdom as we deal with the daily global challenges that can impact God’s work around the world. Each challenge is different. Pray that God will show us how to proceed with each daily change. Our desire is to see God’s name lifted up among the nations.