Missions Moment – Romania

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John and Estera Vatran, WorldVenture


Thank you so much for praying. It sure was evident that you prayed. Both parents and children were grateful for this Day Camp. Most of the children that came were from unchurched families. They loved the songs, crafts, bible lessons and games. It was pretty hot around here so we had some water games to cool down.

It was such a blessing and a joy to see the parents and grandparents of these children so grateful for holding this Day Camp for their children and grandchildren.

This year’s Day Camp theme was “Viața-i Minunată!”  (translated: “Life is Wonderful”). The Bible lessons all taught different facets of the truth that God has a wonderful life planned for each and everyone of us if we seek Him and follow His voice. We were so happy this year to have around 42 kids join us (K-8th grade). Johnny our son led the singing during chapel time and Daniela our daughter taught the Bible lessons while our volunteers took care of their assigned age groups during craft and game times.

The Lord was truly at work during the planning and through out the week. We were blessed this year with a great group of volunteer staff (primarily high school students) whose creativity in coming up with craft and game ideas really enhanced the children’s experience. Many children (and some parents) asked if we were doing a second week of Day Camp!

Even before the week started, while our daughter Daniela was walking through town passing out leaflets and personally inviting children to the Day Camp and talking to parents, she was able to see the Lord working. While she was talking to a little girl and her father, a grandmother called her over and asked for a leaflet because she had heard what Daniela was talking about and was interested in having her granddaughter participate. Daniela chatted with her for a while and in the end, through this grandmother, six other children were able to come as she provided the transportation for them. Of these six children, only one had a church background and that was the granddaughter’s playmate. This same grandmother came to us at the end of the week to express just how grateful she was for what we had provided for the children especially for her granddaughter. She was very moved when she said that her granddaughter now sang songs about the Lord while she played. What a blessing to see the impact that exposure to the gospel has not only on the children who learn the songs, verses, and bible stories, but also on their families.

Another mother expressed her gratitude that her daughter was able to participate in something camp-like with other children this summer since the family had not been able to send her to camp anywhere this year.

One unchurched family asked if they could celebrate their daughter’s birthday at the end of the week with all the children because she had always wanted to have a birthday party with her kindergarten friends but never had the opportunity since she was born in the summer. We were happy to oblige and that meant very much to the parents. They brought cake and juice for all the kids and we called the girl up front and sang for her and prayed for her. She turned six and got to have her celebration with her friends.

There would be so many stories to tell of God’s faithfulness and how wonderfully He orchestrated things for this week of blessing. Thank you again to all those who prayed for this event, it was truly felt and we praise God for all that was accomplished for His glory.