Missions Moment – Singapore

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Marty and Denise Shaw – WorldVenture

We have two topics in this update.

Two weeks ago we received news that Denise’s 93 year-old mother had been taken to the hospital and was in ICU. As she hadn’t improved and after talking with her doctor, we made the decision to go to West Virginia. We arrived a week ago Friday and went straight to the hospital. Her mother wasn’t doing well. We returned on Saturday and spent the day in the hospital. We left the hospital around 9:30 PM and 45 minutes later received a phone call that Denise’s mother had passed away. The following days were spent with Denise’s siblings in preparations, the viewing and a funeral. While it was sad that she is no longer here, we do know that she is rejoicing in heaven. Denise’s parents had a big part in a new church plant many years ago and it was encouraging to see so many people that had been impacted by that church.

While we were responsible for Asia and the Pacific region for WorldVenture we opened nine new countries for ministry. In order to do that we did a lot of research, some on the ground, but a lot before we ever arrived. In my current role we are looking to expand our global efforts and that will require more research and I am looking for some help. Here is what I am looking for:

I would like to develop a team of 10 to 15 people who would volunteer 2 to 4 hours a month to help me with this research.

The right person will be a committed Christian who is interested in being part of moving forward God’s work in the world.

The ideal person would be someone who likes to research topics and has access to the internet.

They do not have to have traveled overseas, speak another language or even have a passport. You can do this research in your home or maybe at a local library.

You don’t need a Ph.D. or even to have graduated from college. The person should be able to write up what they find.

We would train them how to do missions research.

We would want at least a two year commitment.

What would we research? Countries, people groups, religions. There is a lot of data out there that needs to be sifted through to help us make decisions about where, how and to whom we will be taking the Gospel. Interested? Pray about it and let me know.

Prayer Requests:

In late January, Marty will be speaking to WorldVenture 100+ missionaries, leadership and potential missionaries about our next steps as a mission, specifically in the areas of discipleship, and the unengaged/unreached peoples. Please pray for clarity in presentation.

In addition to the above, all week both Denise and I will be meeting with people who are interested in serving as missionaries. Pray that we would have wisdom in each conversation.