Missions Moment – Singapore/Southeast Asia

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Over the years Denise and I have developed some good friends and ministry partners throughout Asia. During my first trip into one of the South Asian countries eight years ago I was met and hosted by the couple for several days before I even met up with our WorldVenture people in that country. From that time until now I’ve come to value their ministry as local leaders of a small mission agency originally established by WorldVenture people many years previously. Below is just a snapshot of their ministry and it is a privilege to partner with them.


Our time in Bangalore in the first week of this month was so enriching. The pastors’ family seminar that was attended by almost 60 delegates was a great blessing. Many recognized their failures in their family life and made necessary resolutions to rectify them. Many wished if they had this teaching long back so that they would have led a better family life. Though I was sick (fever and climate allergy) in Bangalore our program was not affected. Please pray for the Pastors and their spouses who made decisions to improve their family life and live exemplary to their fellowship and society.

We were in AP for the last week and our time with our Church planters was so encouraging. They were sharing, what the Lord was doing in their respective villages.

Khadarbi in Chittapuram was backslidden. She was possessed with evil-spirit. Added to the misery there was a tumor in her stomach. The Pastor and the believers prayed for her and the evil-spirit was driven out. In the next scanning it was found that there were no more tumors.
Her husband who was resisting to believe in Jesus started coming to the Church. Please pray that he may have the courage to take the next step of faith.

Cherla Parvathi a widow in Voddenkonda is a believer. But her people will not allow her to take baptism. She has a son aged 15 years. She is making a house for them. She hopes to move in to it and there after she would be free to take baptism. The problems of believers are complex in the villages.

The construction of the Widows Home is progressing in AP. It has come as a beautiful building where 10 homeless widows can stay comfortably. It has got a kitchen, dining hall, store, bath and toilet rooms, accommodation for the care taker, an office and a medical care room. We need $2000/- more to complete the First stage of the building. The pending works are fixing of doors, windows, electrification, water supply and white washing.

A picture of Widows Home is below. Please pray with us for the needed fund.