Missions Moment – Southeast Asia

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Marty and Denise Shaw, WorldVenture

I am writing this to you from somewhere above 20,000 feet and flying along at 450 mph as Denise and I are on our way to a full two weeks in SE Asia. All told we will have 11 flights over these two weeks. We are trusting that this will be a very profitable trip. In a way this reminds us of another flight to roughly the same area that we took about 5 years ago.

Five years ago we traveled to one of the largest cities in SE Asia to meet with a ministry there. At the time WorldVenture had nobody in that city. It was an interesting trip as we traveled across the city on a hot and sunny day, met with the leaders of this ministry and saw both the need and the potential for ministry. It wasn’t too much longer after that, that Marty met on a cold and very snowy day in the US with a young couple who felt God was leading them to that country and wanted to know what ministry options were there. I was able to put them together with the ministry that we had just visited. Long story short, there are now two WorldVenture couples in that city where they are working hard at learning the language and starting ministry. We didn’t know if that meeting on a hot and sunny day in SE Asia would result in anything, we explore many options all the time. So now to be able to go back and see what God has and is doing is very exciting for us. Thank you for praying!

On this trip we will have the joy of visiting with both families and are looking at visiting a very different ministry in that city that is meeting a very unique need among a group of people who are a challenge to impact and are rarely touched by the Gospel. More on that later.

There will be other meetings with other people and groups during this time. This is part of our work in missions. Looking for where the need is great, discovering where God is leading and opening the doors so that the Gospel can penetrate new areas.

Thank you for your partnership with us.