Missions Moment – Southern California

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John & Sherry Broesamle – Cru


Thank you so much for praying for our Winter Conference!!  1,000 college students from more than 70 campuses attended with  23 people indicating decisions to place their faith in Christ through the conference and outreach. Here is a sampling of student responses to the conference:

  • “I learned the power of following Jesus and that it is the most important thing I can do. I also accepted my salvation and forgiveness from Jesus.”
  • “Surrendering it all. Being okay with whatever HE has planned for my life. No reserves, no retreats, no regrets.”
  • “We are all being sent somewhere by God to be a witness. It is not just a missionary thing, we all have a field to serve Him in. Also that taking up my cross is a constant pursuit of Jesus. I should not be laying my cross down at the entrance of my school, work, or any other public place, but rather should bring Jesus with me everywhere.”
  • “Compassion is marked by action. I learned that you cannot remain apathetic when the Spirit is leading you to be compassionate towards a cause; Christ showed the ultimate compassion to us and we are called to do the same for others.”
  • “I learned that the most important thing about life is to listen to what God’s will is for you, and fulfill your purpose with all your heart.”

The weekend was both God-honoring and a ton of fun! Here are a few conference highlights…



Students launched into a Day of Compassion in partnership with churches and organizations in Orange County and Los Angeles. Activities ranged from helping a church throw a neighborhood BBQ, to playing sports with under-privileged youth, to starting spiritual conversations with people at local beaches. All day, students initiated conversations with the intention of sharing the gospel in these locations.

The weekend was highlighted by outstanding Bible teaching. On Sunday night, Nick Hall spoke from Matthew 4 where Jesus’ disciples left their nets to follow Him. From that passage, Nick invited the students to leave their “nets.” Hundreds of students (see above) wrote notes of surrender and attached them to the nets at the stage.

We love what we get to do and we’re so thankful for your partnership with us.  What a privilege to minister with you!!