Missions Moment – Southern California

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Rachel Wells, Cru

Students are out for the summer: working at their summer jobs, participating in summer internships, studying for summer school, and some of them are traveling the world to share the gospel! I have the joy of getting to meet many of these students who are being sent on summer mission with Cru through our region. This summer I am helping coach these international summer mission teams at our regional briefing conferences. 

I’ve gotta tell you, there is something about these college students! Their excitement is contagious! They took a BIG step of faith to say yes to going on a mission trip, saw God bring in all of their funds over the next couple months, and then arrive at this briefing conference pumped to finally meet their team in person and ready to hop on a plane for Jesus. Woo, I’m excited all over again just typing this!

To hear more about what it has been like being a part of the briefing conferences, check out my letter below. 

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