Missions Moment – Southern California

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Our friends in CRU at University of Southern California

“Snapshots of “Cru-mmunity”

Food For Thought

I mentioned last month that it has been tough meeting students in the dorms. This month I am starting a weekly philosophical discussion group over dinner, called “Food for Thought.” It will be a place for students to openly discuss questions like: “What is the purpose of life?” and “Has science killed religion?” It’s my prayer that this will surface spiritually interested students and that it will be a group to which our Bible study can invite their non-Christian friends. Will you pray with me for this group?


Fall Retreat

God did so much at Fall Retreat! About 80 of us came together to think about our identity as forgiven. God blessed the weekend with an atmosphere of open honesty. In discussion groups after our speaker’s talks, students opened up about their biggest mess-ups and experienced God’s forgiveness and acceptance through confession. For many, this was the first time they had ever shared about those things. I was personally able to share with a freshman about God’s redeeming power through my testimony. There was also an opportunity to get honest answers about guy-girl relationships and gender specific issues from a relationships panel. Pray for follow up conversations with students about what they experienced at Fall Retreat.


Text For Cookie

There has been tons of momentum for sharing our faith coming off of Fall Retreat! We had three nights of “text for Cookie” outreach and each time 25-30 students came. Freshmen texted in what cookies they wanted and one question about God. When they received their cookies, they were given a chance to talk about their question.

My favorite moment was watching _____, a freshman in my study, take a step of faith by responding to her friend’s question. “She’s probably not comfortable talking to me” was _______’s hesitation. What ensued was an hour long conversation with her friend in which we were ablt to share the gospel! Pray with us for ______’s friend — that the conversation can continue and that she would choose to trust Christ.