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Our friends in Southwest Asia, WorldVenture

She was 85 when she died. We joined her extended family and other believers who’d gathered for the funeral to share memories and grieve together. C____ played the piano along with a guitarist, violinist and a cellist which despite the lack of practice somehow produced a heavenly melody, reminding us of Aunt Nadiye’s present whereabouts.

One worker woman got up and shared how she and Nadiye had first started studying the Bible together. Nadiye’s college age son had heard the life-changing message from his English teacher and had shared it with his mother. She in turn had boldly shared it with her husband. This family of 3 was part of the first national church in our city back in the mid-80’s.

We lived near Nadiye and her husband Kemal many years ago when they were in their 70’s. We’d pick them up twice a week for our fellowship meetings and help them with dr apts etc. Nadiye was a lively, joyful person despite the hardships of growing older and caring for a husband who was not that healthy.

Even though Nadiye had lost the love and friendship of relatives and neighbors because of her faith, it was a small price to pay in exchange for the love of her Saviour. As another worker gave a short sermon at the funeral, he said, “Aunt Nadiye is up there, shouting down at us, ‘It was all worth it—to live for Christ was worth it!'”

Thankful for your partnership.