Missions Moment – Southwest Asia

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Our friends in Southwest Asia

“I used to try to be honest and always do the right thing and still things didn’t turn out well for me. Cindy now I understand what you meant about Jesus forgiving all my sins.” 

As I listened to parts of “M”s testimony I marveled at how God had drawn this young women to Himself.  Many of you prayed for her 2 years ago as she was taken in to prison to finish an old sentence. You might remember that in prison she found believers- which is hard to fathom in this M______ country.

For a time “M” and “H______” who was a faithful person in our group, ran the narcotics anonymous group here in our city of over 4 million. “M” saw what Christ had done in H_____’s life and met several of us. Unfortunately she lives way in another part of the city so getting together meant meeting in the city center after work hours.

After we returned from our home assignment she called me and told me she had become a believer during the past year and that she was attending a very small house church in the city center. “I wish I lived closer to you guys and could come to your group,” she said. She works in a major university. May we all be encouraged at God’s drawing people to Himself through our prayers.

Our co-workers will soon be moving to another city. Please pray for us as we attempt to do our ministry in a simpler way so that the national believers can begin to shoulder more and more of the load.

Wednesday evening discovery Bible study – D___ is encouraged as a group of men meet each week in a national brother’s home and rotate leading a study on the book of John. We watch a short section of a movie enacting our passage for the week, read the passage together and then one of the guys asks the simple discovery Bible study questions about the passage leading to a good discussion.  It is satisfying to just sit back and watch the guys have a great time of sharing and fellowship together. Pray with us that more of these simple studies could be started with some families we are targeting.