Missions Moment – Southwest Asia (Asia Minor)

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Our friends in Southwest Asia, WorldVenture

Thanks for Praying! Here are some things God did as you prayed:

– An older man was very disappointed he wasn’t able to make it and is insistent we need to talk soon over a tea.
– A Korean woman who attends our group brought two believers who live near us but currently don’t attend church.
– Our daughter and her boss had 4 English students attend with them. Some came Saturday evening and some Sunday morning. Some attended both!
– A woman friend who is now out of prison was able to attend. Pray she will soon trust Christ.
– One believer from our area planned to come but got sick that day. This would have been his first time back after being offended by others at the end of last year. Pray that he will soon renew fellowship.
– The message was excellent and it was sandwiched between two segments of worship.
– The service was proceeded by a violin-piano concert by two very talented Korean women from the States and they stayed to help with the worship.