Missions Moment – Southwest Asia

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Our friends in Southwest Asia –

The first Sunday back on the field we heard a sermon from the book of Haggai on the urgency of following God’s call on our lives.  This was brought home to me in a sobering way as I went to visit one of my good friends at his shoe repair shop.

I approached the entrance of the shopping center and felt the impression that I needed to share with this friend more directly as he will not live forever, being 65 to 70 years old.  Minutes later I arrived at the shop and my friend was conspicuously absent.  His son’s face met mine and immediately became serious, “You’d better sit down”.  He went on to tell me how my friend had gone to his home area to look after a little piece of land he had there.  He was sitting out under the trees having a drink with two friends when some celebratory gun shots rung out a few blocks down the road. A bullet that had been shot straight up into the air came down and hit my friend in the ear and neck, killing him instantly.  To make matters worse I later found out the man who had fired the shots was a policeman.  What a somber reminder of the urgency of our call to share the Gospel with as many as possible.

We were very encouraged to see several new faces at our house church when we returned.  A young engineer I had shared with before we headed to the States, came to Christ and was baptized while I was gone.  A young recently divorced woman that used to attend a larger church in the city has now made our group her church home.  Another young single woman is so happy and involved in the group, you’d think she’s a believer, close but not yet.

Pray for our friend, a young engineer as he’s taken a job in Siberia to oversee the final touches on an energy plant.  Pray that he’ll continue to grow in his faith and that we can have regular contact via Skype.  Another young man who is married attended our group for the first time last Sunday.  He claims to be a believer.  Pray that he would be grounded in a clear faith in Christ and that he will bond with our group. Pray for my evangelism outreach with _______.  There were some problems at the end of the summer that interrupted this ministry.  Pray for opportunities to meet many new seekers this fall as we get this ministry going again.

We appreciate your part in allowing us to respond to God’s call and share the Gospel with as many as possible. Thankful for your partnership.