Missions Moment – Thailand

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Terry Gibbs, WorldVenture

Thank you for your prayers and financial support this past month. I’m getting more busy as 2 student are completing their Thesis, and 4 more are trying to finish by May 8. I’ve recently documented the steps a student must follow in order to complete their thesis on time. This was to clarify to both staff and students that there are Payap deadlines which we have no control over and missing one of the deadlines would mean that a student would need to register for the next semester in order to complete their thesis and graduate.

Well we only made it to 98° by the end of February this year instead of out usual 100°, but we’re not set to make up for lost time, as we move into March. This past week we had 99° with 17% humidity. Our forecast for the last 2 weeks in March is 100° to 105° each day. In July of last year NOAA forecast that we would have heavy summer rains due to a La Nina; so we’ll see.

I continue to walk around on Saturdays, and meet people, and I’ve kept up some contact with those people I’ve spend some time with. After talking to the Hispanic lady a few times and explaining Thai culture, she said she now feels more comfortable about being here in Chiang Mai. She also getting her life straightened out with the Lord. She said she is planing to move to Laos for a couple of months, then move back to the U.S.

I’m sad to say that the guy I had met with several time, and we were have long conversation about salvation, has recently said to me that he felt he was not yet ready to give up his personal sin, and that he now did not see why being a Catholic was not sufficient for him to get into heaven. I was sadden by what he said.

As I make plans to return to the US for May, June and July, I’ve been talking to John who would fill for me as usual when I’m away. However last week while he was riding his bicycle, a motorcycle came head-on into his lane and basically drove over him. The impact literally cut the bicycle in half. The young man on the motorcycle was mostly unhurt, but for John the muscle from the hip to the knee in his right leg was completely severed, the leg was fractured and the knee damaged. Also the two bones in his lower right arm were crushed, and two inches of each bone became missing, leaving no connection between his arm and hand except for ligaments. There has been lots of surgery. Pray for John, his wife and kids.