Missions Moment – Thailand

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Terry Gibbs, Wycliffe Bible Translators

The trip is going well with no real problems; thank you for your prayers. I did need to add Freon to the AC, and new windshield wipers made a difference. Things that will have to wait are the Odometer is not working and the front gas tank always says empty, but the rear tank works. I just use the front until the engine stops running, then I use the rear tank until it shows half full and I start looking for  a gas station. I’m currently getting 13 to 17 mpg since it has a 5.8L (351ci) large block engine.

I’ve been in Colorado Springs visiting Jamie & Chris and Meilina and new baby Siarrah. This completes the 1st part of 2nd loop consisting of Georgia, Alabama, Texas and Colorado. When I return from California, I’ll stay with Jamie and Chris again and then drive back to North Carolina which will complete the 2nd loop.

The 3rd loop will be from Colorado to California, and spending a month in the Bay Area (June 17 – July 17) seeing supporters and friends, and then return to Colorado to see baby Siarrah again (she is a cutie and always smiles).

For those who are in the Bay Area, I’m currently free most evenings, and expect to be at church each Sunday.


Some recent new from Thailand is:

– The M people are showing an increased interest in Bible Stories. Pray that the ‘evil one’ does not hinder these people.
– Ask the Lord to raise up nearby Thai churches and individuals to trek in to where the M people live and share the Good News by using M Bible stories.
– We’ve crafted 27 Oral Bible stories for the B people, pray that God will bless this outreach.
– Pray for unity of churches and church leaders, since splits and divisions are major challenges to the church’s success and growth.
– There is a new Christian who is from a village where there is much persecution. She cried on Sunday as she told us how she came to the Lord – which was via drinking poison to kill herself. Before she drank the poison she prayed, “God if you are real, do a miracle and keep me from dying.” Miraculously she did live and now has a real hunger for the things of God. She told us that her late father was a Christian, (which was news to us), and that he was forced to leave his village about 40 years ago after they burnt his rice husking business to the ground.




Pikes Peak still has snow in mid-June


And so do the mountains in central Nevada