Missions Moment – Thailand

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Thank you for your financial support and prayers this past month. It has turned out to be a much busier month than I had expected, and I had some unexpected expenses. Thank you for making this work possible.

I wanted to follow up on the computer that the Lord fixed last month. The student is from the Philippines and based on some comments he made while talking to someone near my desk one day, when I saw him sitting alone I went over to ask how his computer was doing. He said it was doing fine and was working correctly without any problems. I need to say that I left out one of the steps last week, so I need to comment on it now in order to complete my comments. When I reassembled his computer and he asked me twice to press the start button, to which I said it would not boot up; As I said before it did boot Windows correctly. Lest time I said he entered his password and it ran Windows correctly. What I did not say last time was that what really happened was that the computer boot Windows to my great surprise, but when he attempted to enter his password, that did not work. I could see from his expression that this surprised him that the Keyboard did not work, but to me it had had water on it, so it was no surprise to me. He said it should work. I used an external USB keyboard to shut down the computer, removed his keyboard, reconnected the two cables and booted the computer. This time when he went to enter his password, the keyboard worked correctly. I’m going to this level of detail because, what I heard him say in the office indicated that he may be a Christian. So when I asked him recently how the computer was working and he said “good with no problems”, I then asked if he was a Christian and he said yes. Then I asked if he had prayed that the computer would work even though I could not fix it and he said yes. My point is that the Lord did two things, He fixed the computer, but when the keyboard did not work, the young many convinced that the Lord had completely fixed the whole machine. So to me taking out the keyboard enable both of us to realize a second miracle.

I’ve now completed the format checking on 7 thesis papers which range from 250-350 pages each. I still have two more thesis to go. I’ll do one for sure before the summer. It’s not clear when the linguistic research will be completed on the second one.  As I noted before, I usually check one every 6 months. This process is often made difficult due to the sudden loss of some format style, or unexplained interaction between the multilingual text and the formatting of inserted pictures, and other things that have never happened before. As happens in all aspects of our work here, the evil one disrupts everything we do. We are all like fish swimming upstream, struggling to get where we need to be.

While I was writing this, I received an email from a fellow colleague in another country who asked for my help in getting some visa document scanned and email immediately to him to enable several people to enter Thailand in two days. I usually do not handle this, but he was despite that I go to Payap on Saturday afternoon, locate these paper, and email them to him. I called the department directors wife, who handles these things. She said she and the director were on a bus from a town three hours form here having been at the dedication with the rest of us, but now were trying to get back to Chiang Mai since their vehicle broke down and parts would not be available for a few days.  Where they were, I was there two hours before, but they had not broke down yet; we just missed each other. She had received an email from another person on a previous email, called another person and someone scanned and emailed the required documents. There is always something. They are on the Worship team and lead singing at church at 4pm and need to get back here.

The repair of another computer required that I replace the small circuit broad that is mounted on the underside of the hard disk. I needed to use a different one since I determined that some electronic component on current board had failed. I was able to find an identical dive that had an unusable data platter inside, but a fully working external circuit board. Replacing the board solved the problem.

I was able to attend a Men’s Retreat on March 7-9 that our church here had organized. It was good to get out of town for a couple of days. We blessed by a special speaker who spoke on the topic of “Who is God” noting that we need to understand God’s unseen realm.

Today I just returned from a two day trip to the northern part of Thailand where a group of us were part of the dedication of a new training center. It will become a support center for doing work in a nearby country.

One of the national translators there shared with me the financial needs of himself, his wife and his two children have. I will be able to say more about this need when I return to the U.S.

My plans for returning to the U.S. may need to change such that I land on the West coast and then fly to the East coast. If I do that I would need to borrow a car for the time I’m in the Bay Area. If someone can loan me a car for a few weeks starting in early May, would you let me know. I would also need to arrange a place to stay in early May, so if you have an extra bedroom I could stay in for a few weeks, would you let me know about that also. Thanks.