Missions Moment – Thailand

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Terry Gibbs – Wycliffe Bible Translators

Thank you for your prayers and financial support this past month.

Helping students at Payap this month has kept me very busy since we have 13 new students this year. There are normally 5 to 8 new students, so I am twice as busy. Two days ago I had five different notebook computers show up on the same day in my work area that needed something done to them. I also had an instructor walk in who needed help at that moment, and I had another computer torn apart which was going to need a new power jack which is soldered to the underside of the motherboard since the current one was worn out. I helped the instructor, and completed the work on all five machines, but the next day after going to the Samsung service center I found that they would not sell me the power jack I needed to fix the other computer. I then went to my favorite repair shop and they said they could repair the computer. I pick it up on Saturday; it cost $15 for parts and labor.

While I was gone, our LCD projector was loaned out to someone and it got dropped. It still works but the screen is mostly the color Red. The local dealer quoted $800 to fix it. The department decided to buy a new projector but while we waited for the funds to become available, we had a department meeting coming up in two days and a projector would be needed. I took it apart and did not find any misaligned filters, so I decided to change the color scheme by removing all Red and setting Green and Blue to maximum. It was not perfect, but it now has a near White background, and the meeting went on as scheduled.

I have a prayer request.

When I was at my house in Waxhaw at the end of July I noticed some problems, so I presented the renters with a termination notice. This was giving them 40 days notice before the rental agreement was due to be renewed. Since my return here, the renters have indicated they would not pay for August rent (which is now true) and recently they have indicated they no longer intend to pay rent, but will continue to live in the house. I believe they are taking advantage of me not being in the US.

My prayer request is that God will show them another place to live before the Sept 10 deadline and the house will not suffer any further damage. It would also be helpful if they would pay the rent for August.