Missions Moment – Thailand

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Terry Gibbs – Wycliffe Bible Translators

Thank you for your generous financial support and extra prayers this past month.

One of my supporting churches has provided an unexpected donation that will allow me to pay my large Master Card bill this month. And thank you for your prayers. I’ve been able to keep up my non-stop 7am to 7pm work schedule and not get tired. I’ve also not fallen while carrying heavy boxes up and down stairs and not been hurt while fixing things. Keep up the prayers. The next major task is to start cutting down two trees and cut up two already fallen trees. But I still have to finish several things in the house and paint another bedroom and 2 bathrooms.

I’ve faced many obstacles and have had to again reschedule my return. So I’m currently still here working on the house. Just when I thought I was going to be ready and meet my previous return flight, one evening part of a tooth broke off. It was a fix that was done in Chiang Mai by a good dentist, but after three months the epoxy let go. A trip the next day to a dentist friend showed that what was needed was a root canal and a crown and not another epoxy job, and also the molar next to it also needed to have the old filling removed and a crown put on it. I commented to the dentist that I think that filling was done when I was in college, so not bad for a silver filling to last about 40 years. The two crowns take time to make, so I had to reschedule my return yet again and now I’m set to leave on July 22. I’ve gotten word from the department there that I am greatly missed and they are looking forward to return.

I’ve pretty much finished the house itself. It’s about 80% done and the basement is 90% done, so now I’m in the crawl space under the house. The recent renters moved all of my stored boxes from the air conditioned basement area to under the house which is very humid. As a result most of the clothing and many photographs had to be thrown away. Also a lot of financial papers, school papers and work papers were beyond use. It would not have been so bad except the renters cut the tape and opened each box to see what they wanted, thus leaving the boxed unsealed and the lids left open on 30 boxes.

As I work through each box, I set some things outside the basement door for taking to the dump. The house is in a heavily wooded area, and I do not have a grassy back yard. This morning when I stepped out I heard a noise in the leaves and twigs (it’s currently warm and dry here). On my second trip out I heard it again and assumed that it was a snake looking for food. We have friendly Black Snakes here that eat the poisonous snakes, so they are good to have around. But I still didn’t see him, but then on my the third trip I saw what the noise was, a turtle. He had a shell that was about 6 inches across and seemed to be lost – being so near the house. So I stopped what I was doing and found a large shallow plastic container and carried him back down the hill to the stream behind the house where there is water and shade.

Since I was here and not using my car in Chiang Mai, I loaned it to a fellow worker I knew since he needed a loaner while his car was being worked on. When he went to the Honda shop one day to buy some power steering fluid, and being parked along the roadway, a motorcycle hit right rear tail light and broke out a bit of the lens. For the last several years I’ve wanted to replace both rear lens covers with newer ones since they are heavily fogged over with age, so I when I return I’ll start looking. I assume there is no law regarding this, so getting a ticket for a broken lens is not a problem. And as for the motorcyclist, since Thailand is a no fault society, they are not responsible for what happened; I was caused by fate.


As for local news over there:

. “The villages here and other villages in the wider area are very much stuck in darkness.”

. “We praise the Lord for steady progress in Bible translation. We daily need a lot of wisdom and insight in order to translate well.”

. “The Saturday night youth event has turned out to be a great success. Every Saturday night about 30-50 youths (aged 15+) come to play games together, and each night someone from the local church shares something from the Bible and/or a personal testimony.”

. “Pray for wisdom in mentoring national colleagues.”

. “Pray for ‘Titus’ and ‘Silas’ to find time to work on the translation besides being busy in their rice fields.”

. “Pray for wisdom as a growing team works together to promote interest in the NT language Bible.”

. “Community testing of Genesis continues. Pray for availability of checkers to complete chapters 32-50 this month.”

. “Pray for the J language alphabet planning meeting with the provincial education department.”

. “Health during this season of mosquitoes and dengue fever.”

. “Pray for the Z team as we work on Psalms.”

. “Pray for peace in the K area.”