Missions Moment – Thailand

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Terry Gibbs, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Thank you for your prayers and concerns during these past two months.

I’ve now arrived safe and sound in Thailand with my luggage and no travel problems.

I was able to get the house in a condition where it can be rented, but it was down to the wire.

On the last day I was very busy with the house and did not start packing my suit case until 11pm.

By 2am I realized that the bed sheets were still not dry, so back into the dryer for a second time.

By 2:30am I was replacing 3 electrical switches in the kitchen that were very loose and worn out.

By 3am I had finished packing my 49.5 pound suit case, so I took a shower.

By 3:30am I made a last pass through the house to check everything.

At 3: 50am I sat down on the couch to wait for my 4am airport pickup.

He arrived 2 minutes later; I slept for a hour on the way to the airport.

More later on why the first guy unexpectedly decided to not be my property manager 4 days before I left, and how the Lord helped me find a new manager at 7pm on the last day I was there. Pray now that the Lord will send a renter soon.

I think jet-lag is when your body arrives at the destination, but your mind arrives on a later flight.