Missions Moment – Thailand

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Thank you for your cares and concerns, prayers and financial support.
Each one of you are part of a team that enables me to be here, helping others.

Depending on the number of students, I usually need to certify the complex layout of a 400 page thesis once or twice a year. But we now have 5 students who want to finish by Christmas, and maybe two more. So an extra busy time. Then there will be 3 more theses for sure that must be done by next March to meet graduation deadlines.

Payap is making a major change in their school year calendar this year as a result of the alignment of the country of Thailand with other partners in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). These group of countries will form an economic hub like the European Union. As a result of this Payap will start their March Spring classes in August, thus making a 5 month gap in the educational system. This furlough event will effect a significant number of educators in Thailand. Our department plans to offer Certificate courses which will benefit students who need additional training before entering out Masters degree program.

I continue to help students and staff here with computer problems. One of our student, who is from the Philippines, came to me last week and said he was unable to get on the Payap Internet due to a very low signal. He noted that he had this problem of getting a low Internet wireless signal since the computer was new. I had a looked and sure enough he was right. I went out in the corridor and standing under a Payap Wi-Fi transmitter, his computer only showed 2 of 5 bars for signal strength; a few feet away showed none. I spent the next hour or so looking at the wireless setting, installing a new device driver, and checking Windows. Nothing helped. I finally decided this was not a software problem. So I turned the unit over, removed the back cover and looking at the Intel wireless networking card (a 1” x 1” square) I noticed that one of the coax antenna leads was not connected, but was laying next to the contact. It was thus a factory defect that the wire had accidentally popped off the contact. I’m sure that this computer passed a bench test during manufacturing, but it would have not passed a field test. So I snapped the coax back in place and now the computer showed 5 bars even at a considerable distance from the Wi-Fi transmitter. The student can now get on the Internet so he can submit his homework.

I’m thankful that Jamie’s baby, Meilina, is doing better and is now able to eat a wider range of foods.

Leilani has withdrawn from college, so keep her in your prayers as she decides what to do next.