Missions Moment – Ukraine

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Eric and Beth Yodis, WorldVenture

Since returning to Ukraine a month ago, we have been busy with a four-day church planter training conference, a church planter and evangelist strategy conference and planning for a host of other activities in support of church planting.


At the church planter training, this man, Yura, requested prayer for more men to join his church planting team.  He has been doing a lot of evangelistic outreach and asks for prayer for that as well.

Yuri & Vanya have been reaching out to youth (ages 15-30) and ask for your prayers. Vanya and his team are actually starting a church where there was one before… or at least the skeleton of one that was there before.

Lastly, I ask you to pray for two unnamed church planters that are having a difficult time working on the same team. Both are great guys, but extremely different. Please pray that they will learn how their gifts complement each other and have the humility to put the others interest first.


Praise and Prayer:

We ask God for safe and effective ministry as Eric travels with two colleagues to four of the central provinces of Ukraine starting tomorrow. Please ask God to give them wisdom as they meet with pastors and ministry leaders.

We continue to lift up Beth’s mom and family during their time of mourning. We praise God for the grace and strength He has given her during this time.

As Eric prepares to speak at a R-500 (500 Years of Reformation) conference in a southern province in March, we ask God for wisdom and focus as he studies and prepares. We praise God that Ukraine’s president has declared 2017 to be “the year of the Reformation” and for the opportunities that will provide for Ukraine’s protestant believers.

Ukrainians have been given much encouragement by the new U.S. administration that America will stand to one degree or another with Ukraine. The fighting during the last couple weeks or so has been fiercer than it ever has been. We know God is in control, so we continue to pray for peace in Ukraine. If you haven’t been doing that, please join us in this prayer as well.