Missions Moment – Ukraine

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Eric and Beth Yodis, WorldVenture

A truce was written and broken. Is anybody surprised? Since the so-called truce was signed, thousands of troops and modern weaponry have crossed over the border from Russia into Ukraine. Russian media has admitted that it was Russian regulars who took over the rail hub in Debaltseva, while Putin taunts Ukraine with the misinformation that farmers and miners beat the Ukrainian army back.

European and American leaders are hoping that Russia will abide by the new truce now that they have Debaltseva which was a point of contention that took about half of the negotiating time to discuss. Those who have studied the lead-up to WW2, wonder how the west can continue these politics of appeasement. We keep being asked when Russia will stop their slow motion advance. I can’t answer that question, but I can speculate what they will gobble up next. The city of Mariupol is in their sites and it is on their way toward a land route to the Crimea.

Some continue to ask if we will be able to return to Ukraine at the end of April as we are planning. We can’t know that and just as we said 20 years ago, we don’t know how long the door to Ukraine will be open, but until God shuts it, we will go through it to help Ukrainians start new churches.

We are grateful to God for giving us safe travels from Phoenix to Denver and Denver to Knoxville, and mostly for helping us get to an exit in Colorado that had a hotel when the snow showed up early and was so thick we couldn’t see the road anymore.  We are also grateful to God for the generosity of those who are making it possible to provide emergency aid to those suffering in eastern Ukraine. We are grateful to God for giving us truly great people to work with in Ukraine and for a great prayer and financial support team in America .

We continue to ask God to bring peace to Ukraine and for the protection of the Christ-followers in eastern Ukraine. We ask God to help the believers in the war zone stand strong and to reach out to their communities with the love of Christ during this difficult time. We ask God for help to go from 92% support to 100% support as we prepare to go back to Ukraine.

Thank you for your ministry of prayer for us and for Ukraine and for your financial sacrifice. I mentioned to my friend in Ukraine that we were coming back and that we needed to humble ourselves to live in a 400 square foot apartment. He also had to leave his home in eastern Ukraine. Half-jokingly he replied, “Don’t worry. We’ve already humbled ourselves more. My wife and I are living in a 160 square foot room and using a communal kitchen.” I didn’t stop to ask him about the bathroom situation. I got the point. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” said the apostle who had to live in even tighter quarters and share his cell with others. Truly, God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs.

Thank you for praying and giving!