Missions Moment – Ukraine

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Eric and Beth Yodis, World Venture

It’s Sunday morning here and before going to church, I wanted to give you a brief update. After our last letter, many friends wrote to ask how the conference went. “Were you able to go (meaning attend)?” “How was your seminar?” “Did the stomach flu prevent much ministry?” and so on and so forth. All great questions which showed a lot of love and concern.

So we’re happy to say that for a day and a half, although there was a fair amount of rumbling and gurgling, there were none of the other hallmark effects of the stomach flu. Instead, it waited and recommenced it’s activity in full throttle within minutes after the conference was over. The conference went well, my seminar went well, I strengthened relationships with key people within the church planting and evangelism movement in Ukraine, and was able to identify some possible new teammates with whom we will follow up on shortly. Thanks for praying. God answered your prayers and we give glory to the Most High for his mercy and grace.

This morning I’m going to sing/preach at a church on the outskirts of Kiev, but Beth will be going to our local church near where we live. Last week, she befriended a first time visitor who had never been to an evangelical church before and had meant to come for quite some time. She was elated by the service – its simplicity and ability to be understood. So instead of going with me, Beth will be going to our church this morning to further strengthen this relationship and get her introduced to more people at the church. Please pray for the lady to come to know Jesus Christ as Savior.

Thanks again for your prayers. I’m not out of the woods with this stomach ailment yet, but certainly on the tail end of it (no pun intended… well… maybe). Have a blessed Sunday as you obey the Lord by gathering together in His name.