Missions Moment – Ukraine & US

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Eric and Beth Yodis, WorldVenture

Thank You For Praying!

We asked you to pray for a specific threat posed to one of the pastors/churches in Donetsk and we are so happy to let you know that God heard your prayers and the so-called DPR did not show up to abduct/arrest this man of God or any of the other church leadership. Services went as planned and the 50-60 people in the church who haven’t evacuated to a safer area had a good time of fellowship and encouragement. However, the pastor of a charismatic church in the neighboring city of Makeevka was abducted instead. This denomination has already lost their church in Donetsk to the insurgents some time ago.

These are perilous times for everyone in Donetsk, but even more so for church leaders and believers. This threat has been a reminder for us to not slack off on our praying for Ukraine and especially for the church leaders. Can you commit with us to pray for the church leaders in the Russian occupied areas of eastern Ukraine until further notice in future updates or until the fighting ceases? Especially as each week draws to a close and the Russia-hired terrorists step up their actions against the followers of Christ.

Gratefully Yours,
Eric & Beth Yodis – Multiplication Church Planting in Eastern Ukraine

PS. On Sunday morning, the pastor whom we asked you to pray for, asked his children to take down their Facebook post as he had lost so much sleep from taking phone calls throughout the night from concerned friends throughout Ukraine and the world. We are grateful that God gave us the wisdom to ask you to call on God… not the pastor. 🙂


In the midst of the storm… The Anchor Holds

Coincidentally on Saturday, Eric spent a couple hours in the morning, putting together some film footage from Lake Powell with his cover song, “The Anchor Holds” from his CD No Easy Roads (click here to see it!). As Russia moves more troops and armored weaponry toward the Ukrainian border, it is clear a storm is still brewing in Donetsk and our prayer is that our friends in Ukraine will find in Jesus an anchor that no storm can loosen.