Missions Moment – Ukraine

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Eric and Beth Yodis – WorldVenture

After being in Donetsk for a week and a half, I added my name to the list of people fleeing the city. The insurgents had continued to strengthen their positions and set up more roadblocks around the city. Next month I hope to share with you a short series of journals I recorded during this time, but this month we are sharing my most recent journal even though it is out of order.

What was most shocking about my return to Donetsk was the level of hostility being displayed against believers in Christ. Threats, insults, vandalism, and beatings. Please pray for the persecuted believers and for unity in the church.

This update includes two prayer requests: Pray for believers, their churches and church leaders who are being threatened and persecuted, and secondly, pray for unity in the body of Christ in Ukraine.

In addition to the prayer requests mentioned above, we ask you to pray that God would give us wisdom and understanding about what and where He would have us do and go. Our future ministry is a big question mark and we are seeking God’s guidance and wisdom.

Also, please continue to pray us through our temporary separation. There is much work to do and much that we are processing emotionally and spiritually.

Beth and I have been missing each other and I must admit this has been a difficult week as I’ve been battling tracheal bronchitis on my own. Like most married men, I become a complete baby when I’m sick and enjoy the love and care of a doting wife. In a few short weeks, we’ll be back together again celebrating American independence day, and cashing in our rain checks from Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and our 28th Anniversary. I might even get sick just for the fun of it.

Thanks for praying me safely to Donetsk and back. We’ll be back with more news about the trip and the ministry hopefully by the end of the month.