Missions Moment – Washington, Panama

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Matt and Susi Lundquist, Campus Ambassadors



“How was your trip?”
My mind raced as the images & memories spun out of control . . .
How can I explain?  What can I say to make them understand?
“Uh fine?  No, it was great!  Ummm, awesome?  Tremendous?”
“No really.  How was your trip?  Tell me about it.”
“Well, there was this commercial flight and a Hotel and a bus ride to a river where some boats took us . . . to a village in the Jungle!!”




  • No flush toilets, no electricity, no roads or cars (there was a horse)
  • Outdoor “kitchen” – cooking over an open fire
  • Living communally in a Grass Hut – eating outdoor
  • An upstairs sleeping porch where we hung our Mosquito netting.





  • Eddie, Daniel & Julian building forms for a concrete slab in the covered area where their Iglesia gathers for worship
  • Watching Eddie trim 2×2’s with a machete’ – seeing his brother rip planks with a 20” chain saw
  • These same villagers & others who ferried us upriver in fiberglass boats and dugout canoes, before we knew them
  • A Big screen T.V. & a satellite dish at a grass hut along the shore of the River

We presented an evangelistic drama to the kids & parents in their village.  We worshipped together in the jungle, with generators powering the sound system and translators interpreting the testimonies!


Thanks to those who prayed and donated and encouraged us to go. I look forward to writing “Capitulo Dos – The Urban Jungle!”

Adios para ahora,
– Matt


We are currently seeking to raise an additional $1000/mo. to fund our ministry.  Pray also for our Student Leaders and future Student Leaders as we seek to grow our Fellowship!