Missions Moment – Washington State & Mexico

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Matt & Susi Lundquist, Campus Ambassadors

This year 28 of us worked on this “double-wide” (22′ x 22′) house for the Vasquez family, who lost their home in a fire on Christmas eve.  It was a special blessing to have the mother and grandmother pray to receive Christ during the course of construction!

This was my 26th trip to Mexico.  That’s over 75,000 miles in vans, over 100 nights in tents!

Why do I do it?  That’s a fair question.

It’s not the neediest place in the world, but it’s close (relatively).  We can drive there rather than flying, and Amor Ministries is a fantastic organization that works on both sides of the border to connect volunteers with local pastors to identify families in need.  But with all this you may still be wondering: what’s so great about “Matt’s Mission to Mexico?”

I believe it has something to do with the way this trip has evolved.  In the “early days” it was just me and a handful of college students, scraping together the funds, throwing a bunch of stuff in an old van or VW bus, and figuring it out along the way.

Then I started kids from the Christian school – and their parents.  That’s when I started getting organized and getting some help.  Now I have help with the vans, help with the camping gear, help with the food . . . it’s great!

Some things haven’t changed.  There are still old vans involved, and roadside repairs, and churches we stay at along the way.

But the “opportunities for deepening relationships” are by far the best thing about these trips.  These relationships model true community and authentic discipleship.  This year we emphasized “encouraging words” committing ourselves to only speak to “build others up according to their needs.”  We also continued our practice of daily devotions and hourly prayer while working.  Following these disciplines back at home will help us become better followers of Jesus.