Missions Moment – Washington

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Matt and Susi Lundquist, Campus Ambassadors

Club Fair this year was outdoors!  The weather was nice and I met many students who gave me their contact info.  Pray for the follow-up!

Later that afternoon we set up downtown at the Theatre where our church meets.  As students walked by going to “Bite of the Burg” (welcome & intro to local businesses) we gave away Rice Krispie Treats and invited them to our meeting.

Our first CAVE meeting of the year was a great success.  This picture was taken after two students had left.  The discussion was diverse but respectful.  The man on the right is a Christian math professor who goes to our church!  I’m looking forward to some great interaction.


  • That we can raise an additional $500/mo. to fund our ministry.
  • Pray for Student Leaders and new Students to grow our Fellowship!
  • Susi’s meetings with Women’s Group!
  • Fall Retreat: “And I will give you REST!” November 3-5

The CAVE has been approached by the Philosophy & Religious Studies Club inviting us to sponsor some joint events.  We don’t yet know what these events will be but we expect to make many new contacts as we broaden our sphere of influence.  Already in the last few years we have had students referred to us by the Philosophy department faculty when they ask “where can we go to engage in discussion and dialogue about the deeper questions of meaning and purpose?”

Surprise!  The boys got to see their sister (and brother-in-law) from Israel, while we were in Germany.  It was a special treat to travel together to Dachau & Rothenburg.

Summer travels: we got to see Amanda & Joel in Capetown!  Their big news – our second grandchild will be born in February!