Missions Moment – Worldwide

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Marty & Denise Shaw, WorldVenture

2017 has started out to be busy for us. I started writing this to you from 30,000+ feet on an 11-hour flight back from a strategy meeting for WorldVenture focusing on the Mediterranean region, an area with so many who have not heard the Gospel and is wracked by war and other challenges for Christians. The meetings went well. Basically, the challenge before us is how we expand ministry in an area where the Gospel is moving, but it is also up against aggressive push-back. While we are challenged, God is not and that gives us the drive to move forward.

One very effective means of outreach in this region and others as well has been the Disciple Making Movements and the Discovery Bible Studies. People are seeing God use these tools to open hearts. I have talked about these before as we were first introduced to and experienced this approach over six years ago. Granted this is only a tool and God does choose how he will bring the Good News to the hardest places in any way he desires. We have seen that too. The stories drive us to reflect on how great a God we serve and his love for all peoples.

I, Marty, will be presenting a formal paper on theological development in other countries at the annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Evangelical Missiological Society meetings here in Denver. While it is a formal paper, my goal is that it will have practical usage.

In the first two months of the year, I have worked to establish two new working relationships with other organizations that expand our, and their outreach around the world. It is exciting to see what God is doing and to have a very tiny part in that.

We appreciate your prayer and partnership with us as we seek to go where God is leading us.



  1. For Marty’s presentation at the local EMS meetings.
  2. For both of us as we prepare to return to Asia in April and travel to several areas.
  3. For wisdom as continue to develop creative ways to obey God in his mission to bring the Gospel all the peoples of the world.