Missions Moment – Worldwide

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Marty and Denise Shaw, WorldVenture

Our fall has been busy with travel every other week. We leave tomorrow morning early for Asia so would appreciate your prayers for us.

The world is now urbanized. That means that well over half of the world’s population lives in an urban area and this number is expected to grow in the coming years. This is changing missions as missionaries for so many years focused on rural areas as that was where the majority of people lived. Now people are much more concentrated and the challenges and approaches have changed. I was with a group of Christian leaders in a South Asia country and they all observed that the largest part of the population in their country lived in cities, but they were still trying to reach the city liked they used to approach the rural areas and it wasn’t working.

Denise and I were in two urban areas recently looking at the needs of these cities. Cities tend to be less religious, but that brings other challenges. The cities we were in were very secular. People don’t want to talk about religion and look down on people who do. This is complicated by the sheer size of cities, 10, 15, 20 million and larger. Further the middle upper and upper class people who still tend to live in the core of the city are shaping culture and are the least touched by the churches. Strategizing for these realities takes us into new areas.

Our time was insightful and we are looking at how to reach not only these two cities but the growing number of urban areas around the world. Pray that we will be given insight and understanding on how to approach and reach the cities.

Back to this next week. Long flights. Teaching and training Asian leaders. Conversations with missionaries. Conversations with local leaders. The need for a good night’s sleep so we can be fresh each day. These are all our requests for this coming week. Thank you in advance!