More to Come Announcement

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Three months ago Pastor Dave, Nate and I outlined three optional scenarios for our second priority of the renewal of the Worship Center.  Two weeks ago I solicited your input regarding those three scenarios.  Thank you to all who have communicated with the board regarding your desires.  We heard you.  It is the decision of the Elders to proceed with all due haste with Priority 2.1, the so-called “Minimum Remodel.”

God has graciously supplied us, through your generous and sacrificial giving, with over $2,000,000 in less than three years time.  This is a feat worthy of great celebration and praise to our Lord.  After eliminating the Family Center debt, remodeling the restrooms and lobby of the Worship Center, and giving to multiple mission projects we have more than $400,000 in the bank.

You may recall that Priority 2.1 has a cost estimate of $650,000.  We have $401,000.  So, additional funds are still required in order to return to the Worship Center.  Please be in prayer as to how you may still be a part of this good work.

The reason we are still in the gym is not by choice or an elective decision of the board, but is due, rather to the absence of adequate and code compliant lights in the Worship Center.  The money in hand is enough to replace and upgrade the lighting systems, so that is where we will begin.  Beyond that, we will go as far as we can as additional monies allow.  Our priorities will be the replacement of the lighting systems, the expansion of the platform, and painting and cosmetic improvements, in that order.  At the same time we will continue to set aside 10% for additional mission investments.

It is our intention to maximize the value of the funds that we have while doing Priority 2.1.  Our plan is to use the expertise of Visioneering’s Flexstage unit to accomplish the complex and technical lighting installation. For the other individual project elements we will seek separate bids from competent contractors.  This in-house project management will eliminate a large amount of overhead cost, allowing us to accomplish more with the money God provides.

I have contacted Visioneering this week and they have tentatively scheduled our work for November.   This does not necessarily mean we will move back into the Worship Center by Thanksgiving or even Christmas, but it gives us a general idea of the scheduling we are looking at, and a goal to achieve.  Nate and I will be meeting with them here on our campus tomorrow to review the scope of work.

One item that has never been a part of the “Minimum Remodel” is the replacement of the carpet.  While it is not part of the cost estimate, we believe that this should be done at this time, if possible.  Would any of you like to take this on as a special pet project?  It is a big number, but perhaps this is something you might like to help underwrite.

This is a time for celebration of what God has done for us, and a time of anticipation of what lies ahead for Bridges Community Church.  Let it not be said that God was unable to raise the money to complete options 2.2 or 2.3.  Rather, let it be said that God has graciously led us to the more urgent 2.1 Priority.  The goal is in sight.  With God’s continued leading and our wholehearted following we will achieve great things for the kingdom of God.

May Jesus Christ be praised!


Tim Logan
Project Manager