Priority 1 – Completed

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Ten Months Later: Two major events came upon Bridges Community Church on July 27, 2014

  1. We celebrated the payoff of the $817,000 debt on the Family Center
  2. A pipe broke in our women’s restroom and water flooded our Worship Center

In the months since that day we’ve prayed, negotiated, planned, given, waited, and remodeled. Now we have completed Priority 1 of Still More to Come. These Worship Center projects included:

  1. The lobby remodel
  2. A remodel of our bathrooms (including women’s lounge)
  3. The addition of a resource room
  4. Funding several mission projects

The completion of Priority 1 projects was made possible through the gracious gifts of our BCC family and a flood insurance settlement, which together totaled $800,000.

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