Still More to Come – See How Far We Have Come!

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Two major events came upon Bridges Community Church on July 27, 2014.  First, we celebrated the payoff of the $817,000 debt on the Family Center building.  Second, a pipe broke in our women’s restroom and water flooded our Worship Center.  We have taken this “coincidence” of events as evidence of God’s hand upon our More to Come campaign, leading us in a direction we had not planned to go, changing our priorities.

Backing up just a little, on June 1, 2014, we engaged Visioneering Studios of Irvine, CA to conduct what they called a Blue Sky event.  In the following days they came up with an amazing vision of what our Worship Center could become for years to come.  Our brochures have shown you glimpses of that vision.  They envisioned four priorities starting with the remodel of the interior of the sanctuary, followed by the renovation of the lobby and restrooms.  A Community Center space with café in the old chapel was next, followed by exterior modifications to the building façade and the creation of a patio meeting space.  It is an awesome plan for generations to follow that was re-prioritized on that July evening when the pipe broke.

In the months since July 27, 2014, we’ve prayed, negotiated, planned, given, waited, and remodeled.  The lobby and restrooms have been beautifully rebuilt, including a women’s lounge.  Also, many code upgrades have been accomplished.  In fact, more than $100,000 was spent for that purpose, including a fire protection system that the building never had.  The Fire Inspector says we have “one of the safest buildings in the county.” And, as promised, 10% of our building funds have gone to support several missions projects, including the purchase of a church building in Naples, Italy.  Click HERE and HERE to see a detailed break down of how the money has been spent.

As of this date God has provided over $1,990,000 in generous gifts from His people, a simply amazing number.  Praise the Lord!  Of that total $348,000 is currently available to fund Priority 2.  We are ready to proceed with Priority 2 when additional monies become available.

May Jesus Christ be praised!


Tim Logan
BCC Elder Board Chairman


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