The Generational Impact of More to Come

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Family Ministry is founded on the conviction that parents are called by God to impress upon the hearts of their kids core truths that relate to God’s character.  Deuteronomy 6:4-9 details this plan for spiritual formation in all its simplicity:  Parents teach children how to love God by loving God in front of them.  Nothing fancy.  Beautifully simple.

Moreover, Deuteronomy 6 goes on to tell us that one of the most effective ways parents can transfer faith to their kids is by intentionally using the many informal teaching moments that arise throughout the course of the day to model and speak truth.  These teachable moments are all around us, but I’ve personally discovered as a parent that some of the best faith conversations I’ve had with my kids have developed organically out of what my kids see, hear, and experience each week at church.  We as parents just need to be alert enough and intentional enough to capture and capitalize on these teaching moments when they present themselves.

It is my belief that the More to Come project presents just such an opportunity for parents.  With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for family conversation starters, all of which directly tie into this project:

  • What is God’s purpose for the Church?
  • How might God want to use our church facilities to help people to better connect with God and with each other?
  • What does Scripture say about financial giving, and what role does God want our family to play in this project financially?
  • How should we be praying together as a family for this project?
  • Plans for a project of this nature often change or take longer than expected. When that happens, how can we maintain our focus upon God?  What lessons might God want to teach us through this process?
  • How can God use this project to build unity within the church and even within the surrounding community?
  • How can we best glorify God as a church and as a family through this project?

The bottom line is that we as parents and as a church have a golden opportunity to use the More to Come project to teach kids and students transformational truths about faith and about the nature and faithfulness of God.

Steve Durand
Pastor of Family Ministries
July 22, 2015