Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

March 12, 2020
Like you, we as a church are praying and implementing safeguards to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We thank God for your prayers, concern, and support in these uncertain and evolving circumstances.
Today, after much prayer and input, we decided to cancel our Sunday morning ministries, including our two Sunday morning worship services, for the next four Sundays (beginning this Sunday, March 15). Although we’d love to continue gathering for worship over the next month, in light of yesterday’s White House Coronavirus Task Force recommendations for Santa Clara County, and the California Department of Public Health findings, and in keeping with our love for God and our neighbors, we believe this is the best course of action.
Over the next 30 days we as ministry leaders here at Bridges will be working to keep our congregation connected in several ways.
  • On Saturday afternoons we will be recording a worship service that will be available to you on Sunday morning on our website online service page. A click on this link is all it will take for you to worship, pray, study God’s Word, and hear the latest news on what is happening in the Bridges Church family: And here’s a little secret – if you’d really like a live worship experience, you can slip into the worship center on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm and attend the recording of the worship service for Sunday morning. (But if you’re thinking about doing that, please get there before 4:30, sit away from other people, and don’t come if you have any signs of sickness.)
  • In God’s providential timing, we are thankful to be in the midst of our Biblical Hospitality series. Since this series already includes the Study Guide and group discussion videos, our Biblical Hospitality study can and will continue. And it’s become even more relevant! With all the people around us who are dealing with worry, fear, stress, financial concerns, and even how to safely go to the grocery store, hospitality opportunities are everywhere. More than ever, people need Christ-followers to help them in their time of need. And, Lord willing, God will lead each of us to love strangers in unexpected ways during these uncertain days. All of that is to say, keep going. Keep using the Biblical Hospitality resources. Keep asking God to show you how you can be Christ to others around you in their times of need. 
  • As to which Bridges groups will meet and which won’t, these decisions are still being made. As of now, no groups will meet on Sunday mornings. That includes Life Groups, Student Ministries, Children’s Ministries, and Nursery Ministries. Ministries that normally occur on Sunday evenings and other days of the week will directly contact those involved to let you know their plans. 
  • Even though we will not all be meeting at church together for a while, there are numerous other ways we can stay connected. Invite a couple of people over that you know, and some others that you don’t know. Share your lives with each other. Pray together, Talk about the Lord and your work and your worries and fears. And pray some more. This would be a good time to practice hospitality, wouldn’t you agree? And for those of you who are comfortable with it, you may consider getting together with others in a home for the online worship time that will be available on Sunday mornings. This all opens the door for many new ways that we can connect with each other. So let’s do that. Let’s “be the church” without “going to church.”
God only knows how long we will be dealing with the Coronavirus. That said, we know that the Lord wants us to trust Him every day no matter what. And in so doing experience His peace rather than panic. And like in Jeremiah’s day, let’s “seek the welfare of the city…and pray to the Lord on its behalf…for in its welfare you will find welfare.”
Bridges family, this could be our greatest hour. We may see the Lord do a great work in and through us in ways that we’ve never seen before, during this strange time. And Lord willing God will be gloried and our world will be changed. Unto that end, let’s seize the moment and see what God does.
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Dave