Do I need to be in a life group?

Hey, thanks again for sending in questions. As you know, we just ended a long series of Jesus in every genre and we’re just about to start a new series, which is an all church focus for the next six weeks entitled The Blessing of Church. Why it’s amazing for us to be together. So in advance of this all church focus, where our life group material is coordinated with our sermon content, the question is, do I need to be in a life group? Is it necessary for me to be in a life group?

And I would love to tell you yes, but the real answer is more like probably the New Testament. Of course, there aren’t really such things as life groups, although people met in kind of home cell groups all the time. But what is commanded is for people to care for one another, for people to know one another, for people to remember one another, cherish one another, honor one another. And it’s really hard to imagine how we would be able to be obedient to those types of commands if the only thing that we do for church is just come in and sit in a pew and then leave. It’s hard to be known, it’s hard to be cared for in that scenario.

And so in order to fulfill these other commands which aren’t specifically about a life group, it really seems like we probably need to be into some other kind of smaller group where we are known, remembered and cared for. And there is no better time to join a life group or to check out a life group than the next six weeks. It’s a short term commitment. I’ll just be there for six weeks, get to know these people, be involved in the curriculum, and that has been created just for this six weeks on The Blessing of Church. So we hope that you will do that and we will follow up with more questions as we enter into our new series beginning this Sunday, January 8.

Thanks again and we’ll see you soon.