Encouragers Group

Who We Are

The Encouragers at Bridges Community Church is a Christ-centered group whose purpose is to support and encourage those who have lost a spouse through death.

Our Purpose

We understand the emotions and heartache that others experience when they lose their spouse. During this time, the Encouragers can walk alongside and be a friend to those journeying through the different stages of grief. Many of us who have experienced the sorrow of losing a loving spouse have also experienced the faithfulness of God in giving us hope and joy in life again as we adjust to a new normal.

Encouragers pray for each other and share in Christian fellowship with meals, outings, and fun activities.

What We are Not

We are not a professional grief counseling service, Senior Care Group or Divorce Recovery Group.

For More Information

We welcome men and women of all ages who have lost a spouse through death.

Please contact:  Irene Lee (irenechinlee@gmail.com)