“Feed My Starving Children” Service Project

Participate in our all-church “Feed My Starving Children” service project!

Click to Volunteer

Click HERE to donate toward meal materials that we will be packing!

In partnership with Feed My Starving Children and Orchard Valley Christian Church, BCC will be hand-packing nutritious meals for hungry children around the world at BCC on Fri., Nov. 19 and Sat., Nov. 20.

Thank you for filling all of our packing slots! We still need help with a few other tasks: registration check-in, preparing and serving rice samples, cleaning and sanitizing between shifts, and clean up. Click the volunteer link above to sign up!

You can also donate to cover the cost of meal materials we will be packing. On average, each volunteer packs $50 worth of meals during a 2-hour packing session.

View the “Feed My Starving Children” web site at fmsc.org for more information about the organization.

Watch a YouTube video of a previous event like this one!