If We Really Believe…

[A word of encouragement from our weekly eNewsletter sent out on May 26, 2020.]

As Christians, there are some basic things that we say we believe.

  • – We say we believe in God – that He is real and that He is out there somewhere, aware of what’s going on here on this planet and in our lives, and that everything that happens on this planet and in our lives is filtered through His hands.
  • – We say we believe that Jesus, the man who lived 2,000 years ago, was God Himself who came to live as a human on this planet. And that somehow His death paid the price for our sins. And that He rose from the dead and is physically coming back to this planet one of these days.
  • – We say we believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us so we can know who He is, and who we are, and how He wants us to live, and what He’s done to make it possible for us to have a relationship with Him in spite of our sin.

But do we really believe all that? Can we see it in our day-to-day lives? Before this time of Covid, were those beliefs reflected in our priorities and our goals and our finances and our schedules and our plans…? While life as we knew it has been put on hold for now because of Covid-19, are you responding to this time with those beliefs as your foundation? As the solid rock that all your thoughts and feelings and opinions are grounded on? As the truth that you come back to over and over again? If we really believe those things like we say we do… we will know that God’s got this, and that no matter what life looks like today, or from now on, it’s all within His control.

God’s words to Job in Job 38-41 have some great reminders for us during this time when life is so confusing and so many things are out of our control. When so many things that we assumed were God’s blessings for us in this modern era have been stripped away; when it’s hard to know what to believe when we hear the media and so many “experts” all saying different things; when what the experts “know” keeps changing; when what used to be normal for us may never be our normal again.

When Job cried out to God because he didn’t understand what was happening to him or why it was happening, God reminded him of some things that are true – some things that Job could base all his thoughts and feelings and opinions on… if He really believed. And when God reminded Job of all that, he realized that he really did believe the things he had said he did.

We encourage you to take some time this week to read through those chapters in the book of Job. Let God remind you of who He is. That He is in control. That His plan for this world and for each of our lives will be accomplished no matter what is happening around us. Let God’s Words remind you that God is God, and we are not, and politicians are not, and health experts are not…

In Job 38-41, God reminds us:

  • – He created this planet and all of its boundaries – continents, seas, the sky above.
  • – He set in motion the environmental systems of this world – days and nights, and seasons; with times of warmth and sunshine, and snow and hail, and rainstorms (and all of that would continue to function without any need of mankind).
  • – He established the animal kingdom with its circle of life – lions, ravens, donkeys, oxen, ostriches, horses, hawks, eagles, hippos, crocodiles… (who actually live better in this world without any interference from man).

God reminds Job that He is in control. And that man isn’t really in control of much in this world, even though in our pride we think we are. Especially in our modern world!

May you be encouraged as you remember that God is God. He is above all else and everyone else. He is in control. And His plans will be accomplished on this planet and in our lives.

– Pastor Dave Gudgel