The Best Christmas Present Ever!

Best-Christmas-PresentThe Kids’ Choirs at Bridges Community Church will present a Christmas Celebration on Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 4:00pm and 6:30pm.  Tickets will be available Sunday, November 15.

Our Christmas musical, “The Best Christmas Present Ever,” by Celeste Clydesdale, is about a group of children from a local church who have only one week to invite people from all over their town to a birthday party for Jesus.  Each day they meet back at the church to share the responses of the people they invited.  The way each person in the musical responds to their invitation correlates to the way one of the persons in the Christmas story reacted to the news of Christ’s birth.  For instance the word angel means “God’s messenger.”  All of us are called be His angels here on earth by sharing the good news to our lost world.  Mary responded, “May it be as you have said.”  And Herod and the innkeeper had no room in their hearts for Christ.  The Wise Men followed the light of the star and found the Christ Child.  The musical then goes one step further by asking the listener to make a choice.  How will they respond to Christ’s free gift of eternal life?  Our prayer is that everyone will answer Christ’s knocking on the door of their hearts and actually receive “the best Christmas present ever”!

For more information about Children’s Choirs or sign-ups, contact Leslie Schneider in the church office at 650-948-5698 x108 or