Milestone 2

Milestone 2:  Salvation & Baptism

  • Event:  Baptism
  • Family Celebration:  Spiritual Birthday celebration
  • Parent Seminar:  First Steps – How to Lead Your Child to Christ
  • Core competencies:  Jesus, faith/belief, biblical truth, personal sin, repentance, salvation, and baptism
  • Target ages:  Elementary years


Resources for Milestone 2:  Salvation & Baptism

Leading Your Child to Jesus:  How Parents Can Talk with Their Kids about Faith (Staal)

I Believe in Jesus:  Leading Your Child to Christ (MacArthur)

God and Me!:  Devotions for Girls Ages 6-9, volumes 1 & 2 (Klammer)

Gotta Have God:  Devotions for Boys Ages 6-9, volumes 1 & 2 (Klammer)

Teaching Kids About God:  An Age by Age Plan for Parents of Children from Birth to Age Twelve(Trent, Osborne, and Bruner)

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity (Jordan and Niewhof)

Teaching Your Child How to Pray (Osborne)

Creative Family Prayer Times (Nappa)

The Five Love Languages of Children (Chapman and Campbell)

What God Has Always Wanted:  The Bible’s Big Idea from Genesis Through Revelation (Boyd)

The Oak Inside the Acorn (Lucado)

Big Truths for Young Hearts:  Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God (Ware)