Milestone 3

Milestone 3:  Preparing for Adolescence

  • Event:  5th grade Retreat
  • Family Celebration:  Road Trip
  • Parent Seminar:  Preparing for Adolescence
  • Core competencies:  identity, spiritual growth, spiritual disciplines
  • Target age:  5th grade


Resources for Milestone 3:  Preparing for Adolescence

Young Believer 365:  Devotions to Help You Stand Strong 24/7 (Arterburn and Florea)

The Young Believer Bible (Arterburn)

Logged on and Tuned Out:  A Nontechie’s Guide to Parenting a Tech-Savvy Generation (Courtney)

Your Girl:  Raising a Godly Daughter in an Ungodly World (Courtney)

Your Boy:  Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World (Courtney)

Teenology:  The Art of Raising Great Teenagers (Burns)

Preparing for Adolescence, Family CD Pack:  How to Survive the Coming Years of Change(Dobson)

God and Me!:  Devotions for Girls Ages 10-12, volumes 1 & 2 (Washington)

Gotta Have God:  Devotions for Boys Ages 10-12, volumes 1 & 2 (Washington)

How and When to Tell Your Kids about Sex:  A Lifelong Approach to Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Character (Jones and Jones)

Lady in Waiting, student edition/study guide (Kendall)

Bringing Up Boys (Dobson)

Bringing Up Girls (Dobson)

A Parent Privilege (Wright and Graves)

That’s My Son:  How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character (Johnson)

Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle (Arterburn and Stoeker)

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle (Ethridge)

Case for Faith for Kids (Strobel)

What a Daughter Needs from her Dad (Farris)

The Ever-Loving Truth (Baucham)