Milestone 5

Milestone 5:  Commitment to Purity

  • Event/Family Celebration:  Purity for Life Weekend
  • Parent Seminar:  Purity for Life (the biblical standard for purity, spiritual training of teens, identity in Christ, accountability, communication)
  • Core competencies:  biblical purity, healthy relationships, identity in Christ, biblical sex
  • Target ages: 8th-9th grade


Resources for Milestone 5:  Commitment to Purity

Five Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter (Courtney)

Every Young Man’s Battle (Arterburn, Stoeker, and Yorkey)

Every Young Woman’s Battle (Ethridge and Arterburn)

Secret Keeper:  The Delicate Power of Modesty (Green)

Raising a Modern-Day Knight (Lewis)

Raising a Modern-Day Princess (Farrel and Hanna)

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality (Burns)