Milestone 7

Milestone 7:  High School Graduation

  • Event:  Senior Celebration Retreat
  • Family Celebration:  Written Blessing
  • Parent Seminar:  Preparing My Student to Leave Home (apologetics, connecting with other adults, knowing the will of God for your life, dating/marriage, money)
  • Core competencies:  Christian apologetics, dating/marriage, God’s plan for me, becoming a person of influence, life skills, finding a church home, stewardship
  • Target age:  12th grade


Resources for Milestone 7:  High School Graduation

Apologetics for a New Generation (McDowell)

Apologetics Study Bible for Students (McDowell)

Welcome to College:  A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey (Morrow)

The Blessing (Smalley and Trent)

How to Stay Christian in College (Budziszewski)

Own Your Faith:  The Adventure of Following Christ in College (Tabb)

The Ever-Loving Truth (Baucham)