We believe we are living in a time of great opportunity. As we look around the world we see God is bringing people to Himself faster than any time before. We hope you will join us as we seek to share His message of love and build His reputation around the world.


Our mission is to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus. We want to do this around our neighborhood and around our world. So we will go out to the whole world and seek to lead people into these three vital relationships:

1. Loving God
2. Loving Each Other
3. Loving Our World

We have two major strategies to help us accomplish our mission.

  • In the reached world we partner with key leaders to help them create environments to accomplish this vision.
  • We also work in areas of the world that are virtually unreached through cutting edge technology and effective ministry models.


Get Involved:

How can you get involved in helping? Here are three ways:

  • Get Informed and PrayPick up the newsletters of our missionaries in the library and take the time to pray for these folks who are our partners around the world.
  • Go and Serve: Every year we send teams to help us love our world by assisting key leaders as they seek to make fully devoted followers of Jesus. Trip members spend their time serving our partners, while having life-changing experiences themselves. As a result, their views of the world are changed and their relationships with Jesus Christ are strengthened.

Contact the church office for more details about upcoming trips.