More To Come


I have a request. Can we get a web page set up on our Bridges web site for Still More to Come? We need this to keep our congregation informed, enlist new attender help, and to press forward with the project as we seek 1.4 million.

I’d like the page to include:

Info regarding More to Come (all 4 priorities) and Still More to Come with a special focus on Priority 2.
Please use our new Priority 2 brochure pertinent information to highlight Priority 2
The page should include a post (blog) area where we can give updates. The first update should be the one sent out on this past Tuesday. For the next 14 weeks Nate plans to get a post out each week for the email blast. it would be good to get this post on this web page.
The site should also include the financial progress chart.
And lots of project pictures.

I know I am asking a lot, but we hope this page will help us reach our Still More To Come objectives.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you,